menembarrassed: [HIGHLIGHT] Scott Backman frontal naked [TINY,…


[HIGHLIGHT] Scott Backman frontal naked [TINY, CFNM] in I Love You America S01E01 – Sarah Silverman has a new show on hulu and she decided to show some very detailed shots of nudity because “We’re streaming! We can show this!” I have to say I love that way of thinking! Thanks to Sarah, Scott Backman -an american comedian- showed his tiny mushroom cock in extreme detail! It’s kinda ironic cause their intend was to show nudity stripped of its sexual context but! Pardon me, I find Scott incredibly sexy! He has a dazzling smile and an amazing hairy body. His little cut peen looks so cute, a tiny meatball, being squished between his legs in this extreme close up shot.

She introduces them, the crowd cheers and Scott grins awkwardly… He’s so charming!!

I love how detailed this is, you even get to see his balls sack stick to his thighs…

Just a tiny cut head, glued on a pair of small sticky balls. So cute!

He’s adorable!

Scott now adorns the blog’s new banner!